Ear, Nose and Throat Health Tips for Elders

Why Surgery Might Be The Best Way To Get Rid Of Constant Sinus Infections

Sinus infections are no laughing matter, and every year, this condition affects millions of people. It often comes straight after a cold or flu, and it can last for weeks if not treated immediately. The problem with sinusitis is that there are very little preventative measures you can take, and for those that are particularly susceptible to this condition, you can get reinfected quite easily. If you have had sinus infections back to back to back and are frustrated at your lack of options, it may be time to visit an ENT specialist.

What Is An ENT Specialist?

ENT stands for ear, nose and throat, which is far easier to say and explain to people than the technical term for this discipline which is otolaryngology. ENT specialists concentrate their work in the eponymous areas of the head and neck, which includes the sinuses. You may have even been to an ENT specialist if your primary care doctor referred you after your initial diagnosis of sinusitis. If you haven't, then you will need to book an appointment and make sure to bring all the information relating to how long you have been suffering from sinusitis, how bad it has been and any medication that you may have been taking. 

Will I Need To Have Surgery?

Sinus surgery is an increasingly popular method used to treat people with reoccurring cases of sinusitis, and in almost all patients, the problem is resolved by surgery. The trouble with repeated sinus infections is that apart from giving you antibiotics to treat the infected areas there is not much any doctor can do. Sinus surgery frees up the airways in your sinuses which in turn reduces the chance of blockages, infections and future cases of sinusitis. Sinusitis generally lasts so long because the infected mucus cannot drain due to inflammation. Sinus surgery removes this problem entirely, letting the body naturally heal itself far quicker.

How Long And Dangerous Is The Surgery?

It is always best to be cautious about going under the knife, but sinus surgery is comparably safe when viewed against all other types of surgery. It has been done for many years, is a common procedure and almost all ENT specialists and surgeons will be familiar with it. Even in the absolute worst cases of sinus surgery, the practitioners have established procedures to follow that minimise the risks, but that rarely happens. You may experience some minor bleeding in the days after your sinus surgery, but that is to be expected, and you should be fine by your follow up appointment with your ENT specialist.